High Net Worth

Exceptional protection for high value households, vehicles and valuables

Owning valuables can be exhilarating and enriching, but without the right protection, you can be left feeling anxious.

Perhaps your home or holiday home is especially valuable. Maybe you own an exotic or classic car. Or you may have inherited antiques, art or jewellery and never had them valued. If you are not certain of the value and use a regular home insurance policy, you could be underinsuring your possessions, running the risk of loss.  At Anami, we use the finer details of your lifestyle to understand the true value of your estate. We will consider all of your items individually and use expert assessments to create a policy built around your possessions, whether they are buildings, contents, vehicles or all of these. Our expert team will ensure nothing is overlooked.

if you are underinsuring your possessions and an incident occurs, how would you handle the loss?

Own a high-value, prestige or classic car? 

Anami Luxus is our dedicated provider for high-end vehicle owners. We have a reputation for expertise and attention to detail to find policies that simply stick with our clients and their needs. Click here to find out more.

Here are just some of our benefits;

- High-value buildings, outhouses and holiday homes - Antiques and art - Jewellery, collections and other valuables - Anami Luxus for prestige and classic car owners