Protect your professional credentials with insurance suited to how you work. Designed for accountants, architects, engineers, directors and more.

As an architect, accountant, engineer, director or a similar role, the decisions you make and the advice you give must be made with confidence.

Your ability to make key decisions is the very reason you are what you are. But every professional can make mistakes which lead to dire consequences, leaving you open to criticism and claims. You could be liable for having misjudged a situation where clients have suffered. Guarding yourself against these risks allows you to continue to make choices with conviction and peace of mind. At Anami, we will consider your role, work and how risks may impact your clients. Professional indemnity can cover you for advice given in error, negligence, defamation, claims for damage to third parties and any and all legal costs that may arise out of defending yourself.

every professional can make mistakes which can lead to dire consequences, leaving you open to criticism and claims made against you

As a director or officer, your choices impact not only clients but partners, employees and your business as a whole. If a situation arises and you are found liable, you could be held personally accountable, leaving your integrity in disarray and your reputation diminished. Even where claims are unfounded, the legal costs which accompany it can be burdensome.

Bespoke Directors and Officers' Liability can shield against;

- Corporate manslaughter - Racial, age or sexual discrimination - Disability and other discrimination - Health and safety negligence - Consumer protection