Travel in confidence under comprehensive cover delivered by Anami’s expert team. For single, annual or business trips.

It doesn’t matter where you take your trips or what you do on them, a stress-free experience is at the heart of it.

If you’re going on holiday, taking out a no-frills holiday insurance policy at a low cost may seem appealing, but it could cost you should something happen while you’re out there.

There are some simple things to consider before taking out a policy which could save you time, money and keep things running smoothly.

Have you considered how long you are going for? Are you going alone or is an adventure with the family? Do you plan on going on holiday again in the year? If so, will it be a similar-style holiday? What if you’re backpacking? Or participating in winter or extreme sports such as skiing? What if you have a pre-existing medical condition?

most generic policies won’t cover illness, sickness or medical costs if you don’t inform them of a pre-existing medical condition, and some won’t offer insurance at all

At Anami, our travel insurance experts can cater to your needs by underlining your requirements and working around them. We’ll build a policy that protects from the moment you step out of the door so that you can tick off that bucket list hassle-free. We can protect you from a multitude of risks and situations.

Some of the benefits of cover with Anami are;
- Single or multi-trip cover - Specialised trips such as backpacking and winter sports - Caters to pre-existing medical conditions - Business trips